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Tips – Surf Fishing

What is surf fishing?
Surf fishing is the method of catching fish, while standing on the shores of the beaches or walking in surf waves. In general, Surf fishing in making all types of beaches and saltwater beaches, sand and rock. Most surf fishermen do their fishing cast your bait into the sea of??the coast. While looking for a good profit, most surf fishermen do it as a sport.

Baits & Equipment
The baits used in surf fishing are longer than usual. These are made of a fishing rod, with a combination of lures, swivels, hooks and wires. The bases of the primers are extended to have a better grip. The different types of bait are used in accordance with the terms of fisheries and fish species found there. In general, primers with heavy sticks and larger hooks are used for larger fish.

Besides fuses, most surfers are surfing bags usually contain a collection of lures to change the above. This is to avoid unnecessary trips back to the beach to change the bait when the need arises. They also carry containers filled with bags of food for fish and to bring back the crops.

Bait casting
The cast of the baits is a special way to get great distances to feed the fish. Unlike normal fishing quality surf fishing involves the coordination of both hands and body. This translates into the bait to reach a longer distance than usual. Some fishermen use the pendulum movement of the bait before casting. In some cases, the issue can find a distance of 180 meters. To help the cast, the fishermen get to the top of the rocks in some rocky beaches.

Some surf fishermen use boats sailing to cast the bait rather than casting from shore. These boats are very small and are collapsible making them easy to carry. The boats are manufactured in such a way to help fishermen by providing the necessary balance.

Surf Fishing Zones
Surf fishing is done off the U.S. Atlantic coast. It is especially preferred in California, where a very popular sport. The reason for this is the presence of a large number of sandy beaches and rocky in parts. Also in certain parts of the coast of Australia, Surf fishing is done as a hobby.

Fish species
Many species of fish caught in the surf fishing. Since this as a sport, the intention is to capture a large number of fish, large, in particular. Although a large number of types of fish are caught, most of them are striped bass, found in large numbers along the beaches of the Atlantic. The most special is the availability of striped bass from the shore of the beach. These fish weigh up to 32 kilos. Some of the other types of fish commonly caught in the surf fishing are tuna, Black drum, blue fish, red fish, flounder, whiting, Bonita, Snook, Black fish etc

To hazards
There are plenty of dangers faced by surf fishermen. As faced by people moving to the rocks to cast their baits on the rocky beaches. From the beaches of white water are preferred for surf fishing because of the availability of fish along the shore, there is high possibility of hard and rough waves to come. This results in serious injury and serious. There are certain cases where deaths of Internet users have seen these waves in the rough. So be careful to check the sea conditions prior to fishing.

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