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How To Catch Catfish While Fishing In Lake Hesperia

The introduction of catfish fishing in Lake Hesperia might not be what you think at first glance, but even though you pay twelve dollars a day to fish with no fishing license, you are going to catch at least one fish.

Lake Hesperia is stocked regularly with fish including the catfish. You can fish between certain hours and come back every day if you would like. Although the hours change from time to time, there are three fishing sessions to choose.

Nevertheless, how to catch catfish while fishing in Lake Hesperia is another story. You need to know the bait, gear, location and the techniques that can work.


The bait is important if you want to catch at least one fish or even your five-day limit.

Most anglers who have fished this pond will tell you that mackerel works very well for attracting some big catfish. You will want to have a few options in case that mackerel is not working.

You can use some stinky bait that you make ahead of time or you can use some other bait. The bait is the most important part of catfish fishing and the location is the second most important. If you bait is stinky, then the cats will come and find it.


Your rod and reel need to be ready to fish for a twenty-pound or larger catfish. If you are going for the big one, you want to have a six-foot graphite rod that can handle the weight of the catfish. They are going to fight so have something strong and at least a ten to twenty pound test line.

What you do not want to happen is hooking a catfish and having your test line break during the fight. The fight can last for a while, so have the right gear and you will bring the big guy into the boat or shoreline depending on where you are fishing.

Shoreline Fishing

Shoreline fishing can be done if you have a rod and the ability to cast far enough out into the deep waters. It is not the best way to fish this lake, but it can be done with the right gear and strength on your part. You will want waders and some lightweight test line, which could break during the fight of reeling in a big cat.

Boat Fishing

Fishing from the boat is the best way to catch a catfish. You can get to the deeper waters and make your way to more areas. The idea of fishing from shore or from a boat will make you think.

It is better to fish from a watercraft of some type to get to the deeper waters. If you are fishing in one area without results, move on to the next area. Keep the motor in troll mode so you can move along with your bait in the water. If you find an area that gets a bite, make a note of that for the next time you visit.

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